Effective immediately all henna services are no longer available at Tamara Samara Studio.

It saddens me to have to remove a service that is so close to my heart, but the safety of my clients and everyone who steps through my door is and always will be the main priority.

Because of the severity of allergic reaction to eyebrow henna products to those who have allergies to colorants in Henna, insurance companies are no longer covering any service that uses eyebrow henna.

Recent studies show that patch testing can sometimes not be a reliable source of detecting allergies. Allergies to the colorants in henna have shown to cause allergic reactions even after multiple times using the product with no adverse reactions.

Without insurance protecting my clients and me, I have no choice but to pull the service.

If any positive changes happen to the product and its coverage I will consider bringing back this popular service.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to message me at 678-847-1872

Thank you for understanding,

Tamara Samara.


What is Eyebrow Tint?

  • Eyebrow tint is the process of using a traditional dye and peroxide mixture to dye the eyebrow hairs. Tint can stain the skin, but only for a few washes.

 Sugaring – Hair Removal

What is Sugaring?

  • Sugaring is an ancient hair removal practice of using only Sugar, Lemon, and water to create a paste that adheres to hair and removes it in various ways.
    • Hand method: a small chunk of paste is craftily worked and spread in the opposite direction of the hair growth and flicked/pulled in the direction of the hair growth. This method is used on Bikinis, Underarms, face, and other sensitive areas of the body.
    • Strip Sugar Method: A softer paste is spread onto the area of desired hair removal and is removed with a muslin strip. This Method Allows for the hair removal to be done in a quicker way making it ideal for larger parts of the body such as legs.
    • Both methods:
      • Hand and Strip are done with all natural products made of only 3 ingredients.
      • They will both pull the hair from the bulb resulting in sparser hair over time.
  • Sugaring minimizes hair breakage making it the best option for those who are prone to ingrown hairs.
  • Using less to no heat makes sugaring ideal to those with sensitivity to other forms of hair removal.

Does Sugaring have an aftercare routine that needs to be followed?

  • Same as any other hair removal, one should avoid public water (hot tubs, saunas, pools, etc.) and harsh fragrances for 24 hours.
  • One should always exfoliate regularly to avoid dead skin build-up, which can lead to ingrown hair.

Waxing – Hair Removal

What is waxing?

  • Waxing is a form of hair removal where different types of waxes are used to remove hair from the root.
    • Soft wax: A type of heated wax that is thinly applied using a spatula or roll on cartridge that is then removed with muslin clothe. This type is best used on larger areas such as legs for its fast and efficient property.
    • Hard Wax: A type of wax that does not require a muslin strip. The hard wax is applied thinly, allowed to cool, and removed in a fast pulling motion. This wax is better for sensitive areas because hard wax does not adhere to the skin as closely as other hair removal methods.
    • Both waxes:
      • Hard wax and soft wax are both applied with the hair growth and pulled in the opposite direction. Unlike Sugaring, Waxing does not envelop hair, but sticks to it, making this form of application best for minimal breakage that helps avoid ingrown hair.
      • Both Waxes will remove hair from the root allowing that over time the hairs grow back sparse.

Are there any contradictions to waxing?

– ABSOLUTELY! Please refer to the detailed “PRE AND POST CARE TAB” for more info.

Sugaring VS. Waxing hair removal

Which hair removal option is best for me?

  • Waxing and sugaring are both great options for hair removal. Both options will lead to similar outcomes, but different people can get different benefits from each one.
  • Sugaring is applied cold, so it is best for those with heat sensitivity. Someone who has sensitive skin overall, and breaks out with other forms of hair removal. If you are prone to ingrown hair sugaring may be the best option.
  • Waxing is applied at low heat is best for those who want a deeper exfoliation, and naturally has more or longer body hair.
  • In my professional opinion, I noticed through the years people react to sugaring and waxing differently. I always like to inform my clients that if you aren’t super content with one hair removal option, the other might be best for you. Some clients absolutely love waxing and are not too fond of sugaring, as others might only like to sugar, and refuse wax. Both are great options and I recommend experiencing both separately in order to find what best meets your needs.